The Dream - A Vision Of The Future

April 21, 2010

As I lie trying to sleep My minds subconscious secrets to keep A phosphorescence lighting my gloom Orange glow asleep in my room.

Eyes closed tight, darkness abounds Sleeping house, frightening sounds My mind takes over telling a tale Of surreal landscapes, tiger and whale.

Then into my minds eye, slight as a fox Comes a movie, theatre box Everyones life controlled in a way Gives them a story, to live their day.

Slideshow to music, animatronix Tells me a story via electronics This is my work to do today To get my life going, and earn my pay.

I go to the supermarket to do my shop By the end exhausted, ready to drop The Controllers are there in smart black suits Patrolling the area, ready to shoot.

Their eyes hypnotic, they give you a glare You shy away from their blue eyed stare Their voices a monotone, friendly and calm Soothe and burn like a eucalyptus balm.

I am there at the till, ready to pay I look up and see a Controller coming my way Averting his gaze I stare at the floor I dont want to be the impending gore.

As I look into his face, my eyes open wide Looking for a cranny in which I can hide I roll over close to the one that I love And close my eyes, enveloped by sleeps glove.

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The Latest Article Is A Cracker

April 21, 2010

The latest article follows on form a previous one - Carpe Diem, which details how to make changes in your life one tep at a time by starting small and aiming big. Christian's Diem-ons tells how Hollywood A List actor Christian Slater turned his life around from being in the police spotlight (rather than the acting one, to being a reformed drunk and drug addict. Its an excellent article designed to show by example how it CAN be done.

Here's a snippet of the article :

"Well it was, as one would imagine, a long and hard process - much like conquering Everest, climbing a face, only to find a fisure to cross, followed by yet another sheer face. Avalanches, plateaus to set up base camp on, day after day of climbing then slipping back, retracing your steps, climbing some more etc until finally you are there on the summit, clean and fresh and looking out on a beautiful world spread before you. Can you imagine the effort ? Well if you have problems then I am sure you can and, I am sure that you have stood at the bottom of the mountain as I have, and looked up in despair at the summit wondering just how you can reach it."

Go along to the website : to read more.

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The Self Hope Party . . .hmmm :)

April 19, 2010

The Self Hope Party . . . .well it started as a bit of a joke. We made an alternative to all of the boring Party Political Broadcasts being made by the politicians for the May 6th UK General Election.

Here it is :


The thing is, the more people who saw it, the more people said to me "GO FOR IT!" so I figured, why not, what we stand for would make Britain great again and would hopefully improve peoples pride in their country.

If I get enough support, then I will "get the party started" and run for government. To support me, visit the Facebook page :!/pages/Rugeley-United-Kingdom/The-SHP-If-i-get-1-million-fans-by-Sept-2010-I-will-become-an-MP/118643648147761?ref=ts read our policies (on the discussions tab) and become a fan, then spread the word . . .we need around 50,000 people to join a week for it to happen and that will show me that the support for The Self Hope Party is there.

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Article Conception

April 19, 2010

Oooh err, sounds a bit rude! Ever wondered how people come up with ideas for their articles, or stories or novels, or ideas period ? Well here is a short video to show where our ideas come from, and I'm sure its the same for people from Joe Bloggs to Sir Richard Branson.

You can become a fan of the site here :  Facebook page "Self Hope For The Helpless"

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Self Hope For The Helpless

April 19, 2010

We are a self help web site, promoting positive self belief, self hope, advice, positivity and pride - all in the self.  When people believe in themselves they are more positive and happier - if we can make people smile and have a positive attitude and approach to life, then like a virus it will spread !! Check out the website today and see if we can make a difference for you.

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